Monday, October 20, 2014

How One of the Telemarketing Companies in the UK Might Save Your Sanity
How One of the Telemarketing Companies in the UK Might Save Your Sanity
When it would seem to be everyone else in the Uk is selling the same thing as you and at a cheaper price, you can't afford to missa trick and you have to be one of the best at the selling game. Whether you're selling retail goods or services there's an awful lot more businesses out there doing exactly the same thing. There are too many competitors, on the web and even locally, for you to wait for the usual advertising to bring in business.

Years ago a larger proportion of the country's work force were involved in producing, hence there were less people in management and service companies. There were fewer entrepreneurs, fewer people selling and overall, fewer businesses in general. Of course there would have been shops, blacksmiths and other one person or family businesses but most people were employees. This meant that there were more potential customers and less competition for those in business. A bigger client base meant more successful sales opportunities and meeting one's competition was rare.

Then we became a country of service businesses, more or less a single big service industry with manufacturing becoming less common. The bleak side of a shrinking manufacturing base was that every worker had the choice of starving or retraining for the service industry. This of course meant less variety in the industries that did survive and hence, more competition for everyone.

Now it seems everyone is working for themselves but no one lasts long in business unless they are very canny and know how to get the sales when others do not. What ever your business you have to be talking to possible clients to have potential sales. The trouble is everyone is busy and everyone is being plagued by a million sales people. How then do you get past that 'no thanks' and have a chance of selling?

The number one thing to do is to get an appointment to talk to a relevant person in the business you are contacting. But it might take dozens of calls to find one half interested buyer. First of all you have to research to find the customers, then find the appropriate person to make an appointment with. The whole process can be time consuming and frustrating.

So should you sit all day on the phone yourself? You might not have the right personality or persistence for cold- calling, anyway it would be better to have trained personnel. It is much simpler to have someone else do this for you. Should you then employ a sales team with all the costs that entails? So what should you do?

The answer is to outsource this part of the job. The UK now has really efficient sales teams working from telemarketing companies. These teams can be hired by the job or for so much time and can take all the frustration out of making appointments for sales. They take instruction from you about your product and your business and what you should want in customers and then just get on with the job. This leaves you to pick up the strong leads that they pass your way.

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